At AaP Engineering we have the right solutions to cater to the automotive industry right from Feasibility to Concept to Detail deign and to Engineering drawing to Proto build.

Interior & Exterior Trims

Automotive Trims part plays the role for the safety, functional and ergonomics requirements. Interior Trim parts plays a vital role for the comfort level of the passengers and Exteriors Trim part for some certain safety requirements. .

We at AaP Engineering provides the design support for

1. Instrument Panel 2. Centre Console 3. Door Trims
4. Pillar Trims 5. Trunk / Boot Trims 6. Acoustic Treatments

BIW & Sheet Metal Components

Body in white phase refers to the phase in which the final contours of the car body are worked out. Extensive computer simulations of crash-worthiness, manufacturability, and automotive aerodynamics are required before a BIW is ready for production, as BIW plays a vital role which protects the passengers during a crash.

We at AaP Engineering provides the design support for Complete BIW design for all the aggregate levels like Front and Rear end, Body,.. and also for the Closures.